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A Collaboration with Methodology of Studies

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EduTorque’s physics enrichment classes develops students’ understanding and interest in physics concepts through applied learning using cars. All lessons and worksheets are specially designed to ignite their passion in physics as well as prepare them for their national exams.

Every student will receive a copy of our in-house developed science textbook. All classes are limited to 10 students and below for maximum learning.

  • ✔ 8 Lessons, Weekly
  • ✔ All Secondary Levels
  • ✔ Topical Practice Questions
  • ✔ Past Year Exam Papers

Physics Topics Covered:
Turning Effect of Forces
Work Energy Power

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Basic Car Maintenance Servicing Certification Course (BCMSCC)

Always wanted to service your own car or learn how to service cars?

Course participants will understand the basic working principles of cars. Starting from learning about the combustion cycle of the engine to the steps involved in basic car servicing, participants will acquire the necessary knowledge and skillsets to perform basic car maintenance and servicing on different cars.

  • ✔ Alumni Members Only
  • ✔ 2-day course, 6 hours
  • ✔ Job opportunities
  • ✔ Certification

Car Vinyl Graphics Certification Course (CVGCC)

Having an interest in car graphics and designing? This course will equip participants with the relevant knowledge and skillsets to handle graphic designing, sticker preparation and wrapping cars. Join the first and only vinyl graphic design certification course in Singapore now!

  • ✔ Alumni Members Only
  • ✔ 2-day course, 8 hours
  • ✔ Job opportunities
  • ✔ Certification

Professional Car Groomer Certification Course (PCGCC)

Want to learn how to perform car grooming professionally? Join our comprehensive certification course and understand in depth the techniques in car detailing and various equipment usage. Join the first and only professional grooming certification course in Singapore now!

  • ✔ Alumni Members Only
  • ✔ 3-day course
  • ✔ Job opportunities
  • ✔ Certification