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EduTorque brings a fresh and innovative approach to enrichment courses at schools through our expertise in motorsports and the related industries. Our collaboration with numerous automotive industry partners, coupled with years of experience in education, allows us to craft a niche for ourselves and design courses that are relevant and engaging. Our automotive courses are also constantly reviewed and refined to keep in sync with the latest MOE syllabus and initiatives.

1st Gear Motorsports

1st Gear is designed to bring the excitement of motorsports to students, while engaging them through applied learning in the science of motor vehicles. This uniquely designed course will be a stimulating and life-long learning experience for students.

Learning Objectives

  • application of science concepts and graphs to cars
  • physics of driving in a race
  • ethics and values of driving
  • rationale of modifications and their effects on performance and environment
  • career prospects in the motorsports industry

Automotive Photography

Automotive Photography is designed to equip students with basic camera skills using a digital SLR and guide them in applying the techniques towards the photography of motor vehicles.

Learning Objectives

  • basic technical handling of a digital SLR
  • basic handling of studio lighting equipment (strobes)
  • composition techniques specific to automotive photography
  • basic Photoshop techniques

Young Car Designer

Young Car Designer brings the excitement of mini 4wd to students, via an inquiry-based learning format. Through building their very own mini 4wd and putting their design through a race, students will understand the science behind modifications of cars and translate the fun into an eye-opening experience.

Learning Objectives

  • the mechanics of mini 4wd cars and the skills in building a car
  • the science concepts behind modifications to improve car performance
  • kinematics and the concepts of speed and acceleration

Scalextric 4 Schools

Coming Soon!

Scalextric 4 Schools is an exciting curriculum project for schools where students design, build and race their very own Scalextric cars. The comprehensive STEM curriculum has been developed by PTC in partnership with Scalextric and Root Solutions.

Learning Objectives

  • Design: Students design their car using PTC Creo 3D modelling software available free to schools.
  • Build: Students integrate their own designs for chassis and body with genuine Scalextric components available at a discount direct from Hornby Hobbies Limited.
  • Race: Students can test their designs on the official track layout and organise competitions with local schools. PTC and Scalextric offer official competitions in some countries.


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