In 2020, EduTorque launched its first youth club, “EduTorque Alumni” to celebrate our 10th Year Anniversary. We are the first to build a car community of youths, in an effort to promote lifelong learning and a platform for youths to be involved in automotive events and programmes.

In 2023, EduTorque Alumni is now rebranded to YAS Community, where we hope to bring together all youths who have an interest in cars to befriend and learn from each other. We want to encourage positive influence and growth mindset through various activities and industry opportunities. YAS stands for “Youth, Automotive, Social”, for a community of youths who loves cars to come together to socialize.


If you are aged between 15 to 35 years old and loves cars, you are welcome to join our YAS Community!

Fill up the online form below and we will add you into our group chat!